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The Friends of the Sunshine Center, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit entity that is located at the Sunshine Center in St. Petersburg, Florida, and acts as a fundraising arm for the center in order to provide beyond the operational costs for which the city provides.  

The Friends of the Sunshine Center were recognized by the Sunshine Center as "Volunteers of the Quarter" in the July newsletter, which stated "They help bring awareness to the community about the Center and promote our events, programs, and activities. Their continued advocacy is a fierce support system for the Sunshine Center, one for which we thank them endlessly." Read more in the July Newsletter


The Friends of the Sunshine Center Inc. organizes events to help fund programs to achieve our Mission. The direct impact of our efforts can be seen by the smiles on our visitors'faces as the AV projectors show movies in the Auditorium with theater-style seating. Many holiday dinners, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, are underwritten by the Friends of the Sunshine Center Inc. Meals, movies, games, and fellowship make days brighter for our community.


The mission of the Friends Board of the Sunshine Senior Center is to work with the Center Supervisor on matters pertaining to policies, programming, operations, and planning for future needs of participants of the Center.


The Sunshine Center is a nationally accredited multi-service center where seniors can gather for a variety of recreational, social, and educational programming.  We have a nice mix of small group activities such as arts and crafts and table tennis combined with large group activities like arthritis exercise classes, tai chi, yoga, Caribbean aerobics, and numerous other activities. 

What does being a Friend mean? 


  • Provide a helping hand to the senior population in our community 

  • Bring joy and life to a large population in St. Petersburg, Florida 

  • Help foster social opportunities 

  • Allow the opportunities for the seniors to stay active, continue living vibrant lives, learn new skills, and continue the hobbies they have always enjoyed

Board Members

Ibolya (Violet) Prepost


Sandra Patterson
Vice President  

Eileen Ozga                             
Secretary/Finance Chair 


J. Craig Allen

Charlene Allen

Ed Killeen


Jay Morgan

Gary Munger


Joe T. Patterson


Admin, Friends of the Sunshine Center Inc.

Carol Ann Payne

The Friends Board has been assigned the following responsibilities subject to change as the needs and responsibilities of the Sunshine Center expand.  


1. Advocate on behalf of the Center:

A.) Maintain an awareness of issues affecting the elderly, and advise Supervisor of Center participant needs.

B.) Establish goals promoting community awareness of Center participant needs.


2.  Participate in the development and coordination of the periodic assessment and evaluation of Center participant needs.


3.  Assist in the on-going development and coordination of community based programs and services offered at the Center.


4.  Participate in the establishment of priorities for the inauguration and strengthening of supportive and gap-filling services for the Center.


5.  Participate in the mobilization of untapped resources.


6.  Participate in the ongoing accreditation renewal process.


7.  Participate in the monitoring and evaluation of services, programs and projects at the Center.

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