The Sunshine Center is a nationally accredited multi-service center where seniors can gather for a variety of recreational, social and educational programming.  

The City of St. Petersburg's Sunshine Senior Center mission is to serve as a community focal point to enhance the quality of life of our citizens aged 50 and over.


The Sunshine Center offers a nice mix of small group activities such as arts and crafts, table tennis, creative writing, combined with large group activities like arthritis exercise classes, tai chi, yoga, Caribbean aerobics, and many other activities.


In addition to other support groups, the Center recently started an LBGT support group.  In addition, we have a number of agencies that call the Sunshine Center home like the Guardian Group Services, Moore Medicare Options, Neighborly Care Network, and Kids n Kubs.


The resources and activities available at this center help many older people remain a vital part of their communities.  The center provides a welcoming environment for all seniors in the community interested in taking part in the group atmosphere.


The Sunshine Center would love to have you come visit and join in the fun. 


The monthly Sunshine Center Newsletter "Sunny Side Up" will keep you updated on our many activities. 


Sunshine Senior Center participants know how to have fun. With programs for adults and seniors, the center has plenty of activities to enjoy.

The Sunshine Center is open and ready for you!


The Sunshine Center is open and ready for you to come out and have fun! Post-Covid, we have now removed our masks (for vaccinated persons) and are jumping back into the game of life. It’s SO nice to see actual smiles again. We have seen a marked difference in those who have returned after this long quarantine and are participating in programs again. Socializing is a huge deterrent to depression, anxiety and lonesomeness.


Ronnie’s arthritis class is almost full to the bursting point. The Reader’s Theatre has really taken off as well. This is a program where you don’t need experience or have to memorize lines! It’s a fun process creating your own play within a group setting, and then performing it with the script in your hand. This makes it so easy to participate and the plays can be very powerful. Our field trips are selling out within hours of posting so we know people are itching to get outside and enjoy themselves again. You should hear the excited laughs and good-natured ribbing coming from the Beach Ball Volleyball games. Senior Games are starting up so you can play washer toss, bag toss, table tennis, archery or shuffleboard. There is no limit to what we do here!


Chef Brad in the Sunset Avenue Café has really brought a new level of deliciousness to the Center. He has specials at $4.75 each day that just can’t be beat. You’ve got to try the Cod fish tacos on Taco Tuesday, Chicken and Waffle Wednesday, the Pina Colada Smoothies on Thursdays, and his burgers are out of this world with flavor. Stop in to enjoy breakfast or lunch.


We have heard the phrase “this is my family” from so many people who come to the center regularly. That is just the atmosphere we like to promote. Every one of our participants matter, every one of them are important to us.  If you miss a couple of days, don’t be surprised to get a phone call from a staff member to check on you, don’t be surprised if you get a card from our participants and staff if you are sick, and don’t be surprised if you want to return again and again!


So come on down to the Sunshine Center, where the sun always shines!

Sally Marvin

Sunshine Center Supervisor